Concerns regarding the global climate change crisis encourage us to develop new and sophisticate processes which are needed to cope with the problem. The multidisciplinary team at ECOKNOWLEDGE was established in order to provide both technological and management solutions based on a broad understanding of the ecological problem, better awareness, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and innovation.

Our team provides professional environmental consulting, including project development, designing, knowledge management, and implementation. Our clients come from both public and private sectors

We support our clients by forming target work groups, developing professional workshops and seminars, training, and monitoring services for sustainability processes.

We conduct water and energy surveys, technological horizon scanning, assessment and strategic plans using GIS tools.

We support the democratic processes of public participation in decision making & work closely with NGOs and other organizations.

Our services adhere to the rules and demands of local and international regulations and standards.

We provide custom made solutions for specific problems.

The group is led by Dr. Asher Vaturi.