web development

What is web development?

Web development is a term that refers to just about anything that has to do with the work involved in making websites, intranets, wikis, ecommerce, apps etc. In brief, I concentrate on the non-design aspects and focus on the technical part of web development including server configuration and writing code. I am an architect and engineer for the back-end of websites. I work with designers to make your sites beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I am also good at the front-end stuff  (theming) but I love designing the structural aspects of websites.

Drupal Development

My development platform of choice is Drupal.

Drupal is an OpenSource platform that I use to build the CMS for your websites. I specialize in Drupal because I love Drupal. Once you get to know it, you will too!

I am sure you'll never want to use another Wordpress nor Joomla CMS again.

Let me, create your Drupal experience. 

I challenge you to let me create something in Drupal for you and have you tell me that you really did not enjoy every second of the process. Losers get an apple (red, yellow or green). Winners get a great Drupal experience over and over again.

Other Platforms

Ok, you don't want Drupal? I also do static sites and just about any other kind of web development that you can think of. I like the challenge of finding the right way to get your web project working for you, not the way it's easiest for me... Static sites are good for those of you that are more technical and can maintain your own code. Every once and a while someone really insists on Wordpress or Joomla... well, if I like you enough and you are willing to pay me extra, I'll do it, but please... be open minded and give Drupal a chance one time! I know you want to. Drupal rocks! Someone told me it's ' da bomb' and I didn't really understand that, but seriously, Drupal is great!. I guess you have already figured out that I love Drupal.